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It’s A Supplement All Families in the World Need. For Immune Competence, COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) Can Be Taken When Sick Or Not. COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) Supports and Facilitates the Treatment and Management of Many Chronic Diseases.​


WARNING: Children under 12 yrs, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should consult a physician before using COA MIXTURE


How do I take It. (Dosage)

For Boosting Immune System: – One (1) bottle finishes in 12 Days Take 10mL i.e. One (1) tablespoon of COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) into 50mL i.e. Five (5) tablespoon of warm water Morning & Evening One (1) hour before meals. To Support Treatment: – One (1) bottle finishes in 6 Days Take 20mL i.e. Two (2) tablespoons of COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) into 50mL i.e. Five (5) tablespoon of warm water Morning & Evening One (1) hour before meals or any other medicine 


WARNING: Not recommended for children under 12yrs, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS). 


COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) is herbal medicine for General well-being, hence you can take it whether you are sick or not. Also, you can take it to SUPPORT treatment of any sickness, disease, or infection. A pure ORGANIC medicine which BIOENERGISES, REJUVENATES, and HARMONISES the immunological cells. Important Notice: COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) is not meant for the cure of HIV… But it is recommended to HIV Patients because it boosts and repairs the immune system under attack by HIV, hence helping the victim improve CD4 count and ward off a lot of diseases the HIV caused in his/her body. Continuous use of COA MIXTURE (Formally COA FS) together with ARV is very effective in reducing the Viral Burden / Load and improving the CD4 count in the victim’s bloodstream. What we have developed (COA 72) is the potential complete cure for HIV. It can kill the viruses in the bloodstream and those hiding in the tissues of the victim. A research fund has been launched to solicit funds to support in getting the trials done. You can visit the page below on our website to learn more and contribute to your quota.

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