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Gary Miller has had a growing passion to help Christians use their personal finances to build God’s Kingdom. He also works with the poor in Third World countries and started an experimental microloan program in Haiti. As part of this program, Gary wrote a teaching manual designed to provide both spiritual and financial teaching. After Christian Aid Ministries took over this microloan program (SALT Microfinance Solutions), they recognized that the Scriptural principles in Gary’s manual were just as pertinent for our American Anabaptist communities, and asked him to write this book. Gary was raised in an Anabaptist community in California and lives with his wife Patty and family in the Pacific Northwest. He worked in construction all his life, but now focuses his time and energy on writing and helping find sustainable solutions for the poor.

Going Till You’re Gone encourages Christians to develop and maintain a Kingdom-focused vision that will guide the latter years of their lives. It calls for a careful examination of the use of our resources. It appeals to older soldiers to encourage younger believers in the battle and to passionately help lead the charge. It helps readers imagine what is possible when a life is sold out for Christ. Most of all, Going Till You’re Gone is a plea for godly examples—for older men and women who demonstrate a Kingdom-focused vision all the way to the finish line.

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