Grace – A Bigger View Of God's Love

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From the Back Cover:

“Larry Crabb is equal parts Bible scholar and professional counselor, which makes him the ideal person to address this topic. And in an era of global terrorism, nuclear fears, political divisions, and devastating natural disasters, we need a trustworthy guide to explore God’s ways.”–Philip Yancey, bestselling author of Disappointment with God and Where Is God When It Hurts?

“No matter who you are, at some point you’ll encounter a situation where God’s plan just doesn’t seem to add up. Those are difficult times, and they can truly test your faith. What matters is how you respond. Larry Crabb understands, and he provides practical insights to help us identify and choose the way forward.”–Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

“From a renowned Christian mentor who has been living in the shadows of his own mortality; he writes biographically and deeply compassionately on behalf of many troubled souls. A wonderful and passionate book!”–James M. Houston, Board of Governors’ Professor of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC

“Frankly, I don’t understand God, His ways, or why He’s doing what He’s doing in my life and that of those I love. ‘Trust and tremble’ isn’t my normal response to God’s ways. Sometimes it’s more ‘cuss and spit.’ This book is profound, fresh, practical, and life-altering. I’m going to be different and better because of it, and you will too!”–Steve Brown, author, broadcaster, and seminary professor

“I have always admired Larry Crabb for his authentic honesty about the challenges of life balanced with an unwavering trust in God’s character. Once again, he walks this tightrope well in When God’s Ways Make No Sense.”–Mark McMinn, author of The Science of Virtue: Why Positive Psychology Matters to the Church

Randy Alcorn, author of the bestselling Heaven, offers daily meditations, Scriptures, and inspirational quotes that will enable you to grasp more fully the grace God has lavished on us and give you a bigger view of God’s love for those who are his:


“We’ve grown too accustomed to grace—we need to be astounded by it.”
“God’s grace didn’t get us going and then leave us to get by on our works.”
“There’s only one requirement for enjoying God’s grace: being broke…and knowing it.”

Come explore the many facets of God’s grace…and fall more in love than ever before with the One who is full of grace and truth.

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