Ideal Standard Ceraplan III Single lever Shower Mixer

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The single-lever shower mixer CeraPlan III with aerator provides a non-return valve and is DVGW- intrinsically safe. The CLICK cartridge with ceramic sealing discs has an integrated hot water temperature control with ECO-Stop function.

The new Ceraplan III fittings also feature click technology which can help save up to 50% of water. By only opening the mixer until you feel slight resistance, you get only 5L of water per minute delivered, without any loss in the flow as the water is mixed with air as opposed to 9L/min when the mixer is fully open.

38 mm cartridge FirmaFlow® ISI with hot water limiter, with Click technology
Temperature limiter – integrated in the cartridge
Brass cast body
Automatic diverter
Metal handle with red and blue colour indication – printed on handle
S-connectors with Noise reducers
Perlator aerator
Check valve
Comply with EN817

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