Parenting: Raising Godly Seed

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Don’t chase mammon and allow demons to chase your children.

For far too long, Christians have taken the divine commission of parenting for granted. They do not realize that leaving a godly legacy for their children is the most important investment they can make in their lifetime. The time has come for the people of God to rise up, take responsibility, and obey the divine command of bringing their children before the Lord. Are you ready to train your children in a godly manner that will bring joy and success to your family? Then this book is for you.

In this book, Pastor Jones Boakye unveils the secrets, concepts, and strategies of parenting using biblical insights and real-life examples to teach parents the true Christian way of handling children and teenagers.

As you journey through the pages in this book, ruminate on the assertion below:
“Most parents don’t understand teenagers, churches don’t know the difference between the teenager and the youth, and the nation is totally confused about the placement of teens in the society.”

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