Rise To Seek Him : The Joy Of Effective Prayer

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Allow God to Do Immeasurably More in Your Life Effective prayer is more about becoming useful tools in God’s hands than imposing our plans and desires on Him. In Rise to Seek Him, we learn that we accomplish much more when God uses us through prayer than when we try to use God to accomplish our objectives. This is not just another book on prayer. Ron Meyers invites you to experiment for yourself how God can accomplish “immeasurably more” than you could ever ask or imagine. This book reveals fresh insights about the meaning of prayer – insights that were in the Bible all the time. Rise to Seek Him offers practical solutions to the questions we all ask: · How do we discipline ourselves to pray? · How can we know what to pray for? · Why is it difficult to pray? · What is the focus of prayer? · Does prayer really “work?” This book testifies to the expansion in influence, effectiveness, and success possible with increased personal prayer. As in Habits of Highly Effective Christians, Meyers again describes self-discipline as a fruit of the Spirit to increase personal spiritual growth and improvement in public ministry. God-fearing Christians of any vocation who are serious about serving God at maximum levels of effectiveness will benefit from this book.

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