Shackles In Darkness

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The handbook has been written in four sections. The first section is titled "In The Beginning", and focuses on the background to the slave trade, genesis, of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, reasons why Europeans explored the world, and what brought about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The second section has the tiyle "The Trade in Black Africa" and covers how enslaved Africans were acquired, European concept of slavery as opened to African slavery, the purchase price of an enslaved African, some European companies that participated in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and their stations on the Guinea coast, and sources where the human supplies came from. The third section, "Across the Atlantic Ocean", discuss slave ships, life on board a slave ship, the Triangular Trade, destinations of African captives in the New World, at the auction block what Europeans considered before purchase, the life of the African in the plantations, and how Africans were classified in the New World. The fourth and the final section titled "Fighting for Emancipation" touches on abolishion, effects, beneficiaries and lessons to be drawn from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Felix Nguah (B.A, Hons French & Russian, M.Phil, Tourism) is an award-winning tourism professional in Ghana. He won two National Awards in Tour Guiding and worked with the Ghana Monuments Education Board as Senior Museums and Monuments Education Officer for seven (7) years. He has attended several workshops on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and conducted tours for several local and international institutions and dignitaries at the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles. He currently runs Limited, a registered and licensed tour company offering country-wide tours in Ghana, Togo and Benin as Managing Director. Beside tour operations, he makes presentations on the slave trade, Ghanaian culture, and trains in entrepreneurship, customer service and tour guiding.

Robert Kugbey (Dip Ed, Bsc. Tourism) is a professional graduate teacher and currently Museums and Monuments Education Officer at the Elmina Castle. He has ten (10) years' experience in teching, subjects he has taught include Social Studies, English, Mathematics and ICT. He has attended workshops on entrepreneurship and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. His current schdule at the Elmina Castle includes but not limited to tour guiding for local and international schools, universities, churches and conference groups. He holds talk session with international students and share knowledge on the Trans-Atlantic slave history and Ghanaian cultural practices.

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