Sickle Cell Simply Explained

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Sickle cell disease is the most common genetic disease worldwide. For a person to suffer the disease, he or she has to inherit the faulty gene from each parent. In the past, sufferers of sickle cell anemia survived for a few years only and at present there is no readily available cure. However, with proper management, sufferers can live comfortable lives and for many years. Life-style measures are paramount and are referred to in some detail in the book. When only one sickle cell gene is inherited by a person with normal hemoglobin, the conditions is referred to as the carrier state or the trait. Individuals with the trait have no medical problems under normal conditions of life. This is how the gene has been able to survive and be passed on from generation to generation. Sickle cell disease, which was once thought to be restricted to only a few areas, especially among Black people, is now known to be worldwide and has been described as a world health problem.

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