The Transformed Mind

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The Transformed Mind is a provocative and inspiring volume. In it two influential Ghanaians jointly speak to the world through issues facing Africa. The Introduction to their book boldly announces: “The stage is set. The world is our audience, Africa our aisle, and Ghana our pulpit. We speak as citizens of a world to come. And we’re passionate about the issues we address, in the hope that you will be challenged to change your world.”

Replace the word “Africa” with your own world—whether personal or private world—and you’ll hear the authors speak to you, saying—

“There’s nothing wrong with the African mind. Our problem is the African mind-set. It is not a lack of resources, but a deficit of resourcefulness. And ours is not merely a need for more educated minds, but also for more transformed minds. In other words, the heart of the African problem is the African heart. This heart needs transformation, which can only come by the renewing of the mind. Christ’s life of excellence, humility, and service offers a model of what Africa needs.”

“To say that this book is a must-read is an understatement. Although it may appear that The Transformed Mind is written by Africans for Africans, the book is actually for the whole world. If you’re not an African or a Christian, read the book as a passerby listening in to advice, nay a command, being given to a child by its two parents. Africa is speaking from the heart to the world. Will the world listen?”


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